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"You create the meaning, it is all up to you"


The Worst is Yet to Come, New York (1968), photographed by Steve Schapiro.


Considering how dangerous everything is nothing is really very frightening
Gertrude Stein: Everybody’s  Autobiography (1937)
Mikko Kourinki


Every time I draw any Night Vale stuff, it ALWAYS turns out different. All my Cecil drawings are inconsistent. All my angels look different. I just can’t commit to one design! And that’s why I like drawing Night Vale art.

So here are some inconsistent angels. 


my decomposing flesh could suit the earth well
giving nourishment to fungi
family to floral growth
one-sided friendship to insects
and consumption to wildlife

turn me into a natural work of art and
allow laced and wound roots to 
make a home of my softened torso
and a source of life in what is
vulgar and physically
touched by death
but graced by new found sentience